Upcoming Events (see St. Thomas' Connection page for details)  

  • Aug 14 - Executive  Committee, 12 noon.
  • Sep 21 - Friends of the Groom [Buy tickets here]  [Poster here.]
  • Sep 30 - Hiker Hostel Closes
  • Oct 1 - Feast of St. Francis [transf], Blessing of the Animals, 5p
  • Oct 9 - Memorial Service for Fallen Firefighters, 9:15a
  • Oct 15 - Memorial Service for those Lost to Addiction
  • Oct 30 - St. Thomas', Final Celebration, 3p  [Details here as available]

Contact Us

The Rev Dr Howard W. Whitaker


Cell/Text: (423) 400-6304

Kathy Moore, Warden


Ginny Mohr, Warden


George Mindos, Treasurer


David C. Christensen, Organist & Choir Director


Hiker Hostel information:


Is this

Welcome  one another as Christ has welcomed you, for the Glory of God.  –Romans 15:7

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Also, seek  the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile. Pray to the Lord for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper.  –Jeremiah 29:7

Even in our last days, there are two opportunities to worship on Sunday mornings.

8 AM - Morning Prayer is read in the memorial garden. Someone from that congregation may give a reflection on the readings.

10 AM - This is the principal service with a complete liturgy, homily, and more noise and motion. The music is an eclectic selection of traditional hymns, Anglican plainsong, and anthems that might include selections from old "Victorian howlers"  to Emmy Lou Harris. Children are encouraged to make themselves at home in God's House.  There is a broad commitment to the missional vision of the diocese. "We live in communion rather than take communion; we focus on mission rather than maintenance, grace rather than entitlement, and discipleship rather than membership."

We all go down to the dust, but even at the grave we make our song...     --Book of Common Prayer

Some of our ministry alliances include: [click an image to find out more]

St Thomas' Episcopal Church

307 Route 94 * Vernon, NJ 07462  *  973-764-7506

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A  mission of the Episcopal Diocese of Newark, our vision is to reflect the radical hospitality of God.  We welcome and affirm those of diverse economic reality; ethnicity; family status; sexual or gender identity; physical, mental or emotional ability; legal issues; or social standing.  Our red doors indicate a place of asylum for all.



FRIDAYS: 10a-12n

SUNDAYS: 8a-12n